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The island of Pag with its length is the most intirguing island in the Adriatic and with his surface is the 5th largest island in the Adriatic Sea.


Some parts of the Island (side that look on Velebit channel and Velebit mountain) are poorly covered by vegetation, and it is often said that this side od Island looks like “the Moon’s surface”.

In these parts grow the aromatic herbs that usualy eat sheep that have a specific gastronomic teasture, and lamb in grastronomic environment is widely known and appreciated as speciality.

Also Pag Island chees is wide famouse in gastronomic.

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On the Island from his south side from dierction zadar and Posedarje can be arrived over the Bridge “Pag” who is 340 m long and on his north side of Pag an be arrived by ferry boat – ferry line Prizna – Žigljen.

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On island of Pag there is main town Pag who is world famouse with his Pag lace (Croatian: paška čipka), and the whole island has a rich tradition of ancient mounments, exellent offoer of carious gastronomic delights and offers all its visitors a completey differentnature with the spell of the beautiful stone landscape.


The island of Pag is know as one of the sunniest islands on the Adriatic with over 2.500 sunny hours a year. Its coastline have over 270 km of sand beache with cristal clear sea.

For those who would like to learn windsrifing Pag is ideal place. Countinously wind that blow in afternood part of the day gives optimal speed and enjoy in ride.


The island of Pag is also well know and by his salt, “white gold“. Salt has alwas played an important tole in the lives od locals, and we can talk abou organizied salt production that lasts there for over a thousand year.  Salt factory Pag belngs to the oldest salt pans on the eastern Adriatic coast and has one of the most intensive salt production on the coast of Croatia. The traditional way of producing salt by natural evaporation has left before approx. 25 yearsm wht the salt factory was built in Svilno area, 5 km south from town Pag.


Salt factory Pag, together with it’s dusty pools, covery an area of over 2 million sqare meters and together with storage facilities and maufacturing facilities is the largest salt production facility in Croatia. 


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